Content You’ll ❤️ - Architecture at Home by the Center for Architecture NY

The wonderful people at Center for Architecture, which is operated by the New York chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), have come up with a multitude of creative and educational DIY ideas to help keep your budding architect happy and occupied during these times of isolation.  

Make it yourself building ornament

Some of these ideas include designing your very own marble maze with cardboard scraps and recycled materials, architectural scavenger hunts using google maps and making your own building ornament using their simple salt dough recipe.  

Floor Plan

Other helpful skills they teach are things like how to draw a floor plan of a room in your house which will literally show your kids how to view their world from another perspective or drawing in scale which will teach them how big things like buildings, rooms or even people can fit accurately on a page. 

Marble Maze

There are a full range of instructions, helpful PDF’s and lists of what you need to make them right here if you want to check them out. For kids ages 7 - 11 years. Happy creating and let your imaginations run wild.