Arckit for Education

Empowering minds through Architecture.

Arckit brings a new hands-on learning experience to the classroom teaching STEAM skills with real-world architectural design tools. Arckit’s programmes aim to develop the student’s ability to interactively design, sketch, research, analyse, evaluate, model and evidence a design development. Students of all ages can now articulate and visualize their designs with a professional system that is easy to learn and master.

The Arckit Learning Experience

STEAM Learning

Teaching the 5Cs with real-world tools

while promoting architecture and inspiring creativity.

Sustainable Design

Exploring new technologies and design solutions for the future.

Digital Platforms

Further exploring digital designs on platforms such as SketchUp, Revit and Arckit Digital.

Why Educators Love Arckit?

Premium re-usable design tool with unlimited possibilities

Teaches relevant skills

for the 21st century


Free teaching resources and online assets


Flexible lesson plans

for students of all ages


For Primary Students

Whether you are teaching sustainable design, model building, critical thinking, understanding drawings or even surveying, Arckit offers both a varied and challenging learning tool for students as they prepare for the real world.

For Secondary Students

Arckit Education Programmes teach students from 13 yrs how to think creatively,  communicate their designs, practice problem solving skills, work collaboratively, engage with technology and develop a better 

understanding of architectural design through hands-on activities and assessments. Students can advance to professional standards in computer aided design with SketchUp, Revit and Arckit Digital platforms.

Lesson Plans

We are developing a wide variety of teaching resources from single modules up to 40 Week courses and After School Programmes covering all about the 5C’s (creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and computational thinking) and why they are important to 21st Century living. Examples of the types of courses: 

Contact us to learn more about the programmes available:

  • Introduction to Architecture with Arckit
  • Sketching and Drawing
  • Form and Function
  • Building Future Cities
  • Design Thinking 
  • Digital Architecture and Platforms
  • The Architect Civic Principles
  • And lots more...

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All our kits are compatible with one another and cover from Grade 3 to College education.

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