Transforming the classroom with Arckit Educational Workshops

We at Arckit are providing a whole new generation with the opportunity to develop their STEAM, practical and social skills while learning all about architecture, sustainability and the environment.

Our workshop team visited multiple primary schools over the past few weeks, outlining the relationship between the environment and design. The response from students and teachers has been overwhelmingly positive with all the schools we have visited so far, wanting Arckit Education to be part of their curriculum in future. 
Let’s see what they got up to in the classroom.

Having been briefed on sustainable forms of energy and introduced to Arckit, the children got into groups to discuss their designs and come up with ways in which their build could sustain itself and the environment around it. Each group was given a different purpose for their building (e.g coffee shop, school, sports centre).

With ideas in mind, they got building. Every child showed excellent teamwork and communications skills, working towards a common goal.

As their builds evolved, their eco-friendly systems grew in complexity. Rainwater-filtration tanks would be hooked up to the café’s home-grown vegetable patch, and so on.

After completing their builds, each group presented them, along with its eco-friendly features to the class. All teams gave creative and innovative solutions to the hurdles of modern-day architecture.

After presentations were finished, all the models were placed together to create a town of the future, designed by the architects of the future.

It's a fantastic project for children to create a whole new neighbourhood together with amenities such as a school, sports centre, playground, vet clinic, coffee shop and even your own gelateria surrounding a public green space. Imagine if your buildings were all sustainable inclusive of solar panels, wind turbines, air and geothermal heat pumps, water harvest action etc. And having your own roof garden where you grow fruit and vegetables and a beehive for pollinating flowers and making your organic honey. We believe that teaching our children about architecture and design, sustainability and the environment are fundamental to our future and the future of our planet. 

 At Arckit, we want to help spread this incredibly important message of 'empowering minds through architecture'. By equipping our next generation with a new skill set and deeper understanding of the fragile world we live in today, it will encourage them to live in a more eco-friendly and sustainable society.

 If you’re interested in bringing Arckit to your school or maker space click here, we would love to hear from you!