Arckit was on Disney’s new TV show, The Lodge! We were surprised when we spotted a complete Arckit town in the last two episodes of season one. It looks like the designers have used several boxes of Arckit to create this stunning model community complete with Arckitexture graphics. We’re excited to see Arckit on such a popular show and we can’t wait to see how the plot unfolds.

The musical-teen drama series has been a huge hit for Disney. It was broadcast in over 100 countries and is the highest rated show on The Disney Channel in over four years. The UK production made its screen debut in September 2016. Since then the show has gathered pace with its twisting drama, laugh-out-loud moments and cool characters – that’s the determined and confident Danielle (Bethan Wright) admiring our Arckit model in the main image.

We have been informed by some of our younger Arckit fans that the man in the suit is a local businessman intent on buying the North Star hotel. We won’t give away any spoilers, so we recommend you check out the trailer for yourselves. There are plenty of twists and turns, some great shots of the remote Northern Ireland location where the show is set, and you’ll also get to meet the rest of the cast: Skye (Sophie Simnett), Kaylee (Jade Alleyne), Ben (Luke Newton), Josh (Joshua Sinclair-Evans) and Sean (Thomas Doherty).

We would also like to thank the design team (David Craig and Anaïs Chareyre) for these photos of Arckit before its moment in the spotlight. Their model making skills are truly amazing. We love the way they have combined traditional model making with Arckit, a method we highly recommend. They have cleverly used foamex board underneath the buildings to create an undulating topography with streams and pools that further accentuate the scene. Well done on creating these inspiring models.

Due to the show’s massive popularity, a second season of The Lodge has now been confirmed for 2017. Congratulations to the entire team!