Our Newest Education Partner from Japan

We had the pleasure to welcome our newest education partner from Japan, Chieko Egged last week.

Chieko is bringing Arckit to Japan through her ‘CEO Kids Academy’ after school programmes which will teach children the English language through PBL with Arckit play and introduce them to the fascinating world of architecture and design.

PBL or Problem-based learning is a method of teaching and learning that encourages students to apply their critical thinking and problem-solving skills to address real-world problems. Together with Arckit’s ‘hands-on’ modular components and lesson plans, children are encouraged to use their creativity and exercise their critical thinking skills while building in a fun and relaxed environment. As Arckit is a highly intuitive open-ended system, it gives the freedom for children to explore their own ideas with no rules or restrictions on what they would like to design and build. At the end of their project, they present their completed structures which in turn also develop their presentation skills using the English language.

Chieko and her team have run initial tests using Arckit in their workshops and they were highly impressed with the results “The children thoroughly enjoy building their own unique projects, fostering the ability to use their imagination, problem-solving and learning a new language while presenting them. These skills are vital to create entrepreneurial children in Japan and all over the world”.