A Splash Of Arckit in Ukraine

This is just a tiny gesture of our support for the incredibly resilient and proud people of Ukraine and in particular, for the extraordinarily brave children.

These  images sent to us by School Teacher Ms Lilia Pliuvak, are of her young students from Lviv School n.22 who were excited to receive their parcel from abroad. It's moving to see them locating Ireland on their globe, what must be going on in their innocent minds?
Below are some more images of another Teacher, Ms Liudmyla Tarasenko and her students in the gymnasium of Lysynychi, also in Lviv.
And a bunch more kits have also gone to schools in central and eastern Ukraine.
We hope that Arckit gives them little moments of respite and distraction in these unimaginable times and perhaps we can help to make a more positive impact on the lives of Ukraine's next generation when this utterly needless tragedy ends. Very soon we pray 🙏🇺🇦