New EDU Tools for a New World

Founded in 1901,  New Trier Township High School District 203 is a comprehensive four-year high school in Northfield and Winnetka, Illinois, along the Lake Michigan shore and approximately 16 miles north of Chicago.

New Trier offers a rigorous college preparatory curriculum and routinely ranks among Illinois' very top schools for academic achievement. Their Applied Arts Course is leading the way within education in offering creative minds an all-around, hands-on and comprehensive real-world experience in a wide variety of subjects including architecture, design, engineering, technology, automotives, culinary/hospitality, and child development. 

In a course that develops problem-solving, leadership, and critical-thinking skills to create innovative solutions to todays real-life challenges, we’re honoured that Arckit is one of the essential tools being used for learning within New Trier's Applied Arts Course to help equip tomorrow’s change makers for the ever changing world we live in. More and more we’re seeing schools integrate the subject of architecture into their curriculum such are its vast educational benefits and multi disciplinary attributes which address much of society’s problems while also providing comprehensive solutions.

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